Dear Families

I am asking for your assistance on behalf of our neighbours who reside in the Heath Lane cul-de-sac, which runs adjacent to the bottom school boundary.

It has been reported to us, several times in recent weeks, that there are students tampering with the rock-filled drainage swale running from the northern school boundary. The drainage swale discharges stormwater into a drainage pipe that travels under Heath Lane. This drainage arrangement has been recently re-configured due to general foliage, leaf fall and boughs which choke the drainage pipes – and in turn causes back-up flooding to the drives and gardens to the adjacent houses.

The tampering of the swale is occurring after-school hours, with students moving loose rocks forming the swale and placing them into the circular drain.

Please see the attached photos.


Whilst the students may not be aware of this concern and see this as harmless fun and creative play – the end cause runs counter to what the local council has initiated in establishing an effective drain.

Local residents have politely requested for students to not play in this unsafe area, nor move the rocks.

To support our school neighbours, and for safety reasons, could you please talk with your child / children and remind them to stay clear of this area and not move the rocks in the swale.

Thank you for your understanding.

Regards, Paul


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