School Sport SA Cross Country looks a little different this year. As our competition is not able to be run as usual at Belair National Park and Oakbank Racecourse, schools are invited to create their own run at school or students can complete the run at home. There are set distances for each age group as in the flyer below.

At Craigburn, next Friday 5th June we will hold a Cross Country event for interested Yr 3 – 7 students incorporating a run within the school grounds. Students who enter will have their time recorded and uploaded to School Sport SA.

Interested students are asked to see Mrs Pettman so a list can be compiled and a timetable for different runners organised. With limited time for training, students are encouraged to use recess and lunch time for some training and oval lap running at school.

If you have any questions please see Karen at school or email [email protected]


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