Dear Families

As per the information posted yesterday, the transition to our term 2 learning program has taken a few twists and turns.

As a result of the news update from the Chief Public Health Officer indicating that students should return to school, we are expecting a higher number of students attending school for the start of term 2 than we had previously anticipated. This has changed many of our plans and we will need to wait and see what Monday looks like. At this stage we are unsure how many children will attend school and how many will remain at home.

To help us with our planning we again ask families to complete an updated attendance survey (click on link / embedded further below) to indicate whether your child/ren will be commencing the term, learning at home or learning at school. Could you please do so asap to help us with our preparations for next week.

Thank you to those families who have already informed us of a change of plan. Over the last few days our telephone line has been down, so if needed, please contact us by email [email protected]

The Department has made a commitment to continue to offer the remote learning option for students being kept at home. We may need to review how we do this during week one after we see how many students are at home and how many are at school.

A summary of the latest advice from the Department

  • The Department for Education will continue to follow the advice from SA Health and Australia’s expert health body, AHPPC.
  • With low rates of infection in South Australia, parents are encouraged to send their children to school in term 2.
  • If parents choose to keep their children at home, remote learning will continue for those students learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Schools will only temporarily close, as directed by SA Health, if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19. The site will be thoroughly cleaned and reopened on advice from SA Health. During that time, schools will provide remote learning options for students.
  • Remote learning will continue for those students who are vulnerable, have chronic medical conditions and whose parents choose to keep them home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Students who are unwell must remain at home. Parents or carers of children at school who are unwell will be contacted and asked to collect them as soon as possible. Students should not return to school until they are well and symptom free.
  • Where families elect not to send their child to school, the child must be learning from home, and follow the remote learning provided by the school.
  • Where children are not at school, parents and carers are responsible for the child’s learning, safety and wellbeing at home.

Term 2 Learning Program

  • Our pre-prepared remote learning plans will remain the same in the first week back for all students – whether they attend at school or remain home.
  • We are expecting this first week to be ‘a bit messy’ as we await for further advice from the Department.
  • There are many unknowns and challenges we are yet to face. We will adapt accordingly.

Learning at School

  • Students returning to school on Monday will need to report to their home classes as per normal routines.
  • Social distancing and hygiene practices will continue as per Department and health advice.
  • For the first week back, teachers will be doing their best to support students undertaking the remote learning program at school, whilst supporting students who are learning at home.
  • For those students in Years 2 – 7 who bring their own iPad to school – please ensure this fully charged and brought to school each day.
  • For those students in Years 2 – 7 who do not participate in the BYO iPad program – a school-owned iPad will be available.

Learning at Home

  • Students learning at home from Monday will need to connect with their learning program via their teacher’s instructions on their class blog. Links to class blogs were provided to families via Seesaw at the end of last term.
  • Teachers will communicate via Seesaw any other materials that may be required for learning at home.
  • In the event that access to the remote learning program is problematic, an alternative program will be available for families to access via the school blog.

Contact with school staff

  • If contact needs to be made by a parent / carer with a class teacher, please email the teacher directly or contact the front office.
  • Seesaw will primarily be used to share student learning. We encourage families to not use the messaging function to communicate directly with teachers – please use email.
  • If you need to contact a member of Admin or Leadership, please make contact via the front office or admin email [email protected]

Access to technology devices

  • We have been busy preparing school devices ready for loan, based on the responses from the previous home technology questionnaire.
  • As family circumstances may have changed – only parents / carers whose child/ren will be learning at home, need to update their chil/dren’s technology requirements via a new questionnaire attached to the Term 2 Attendance Survey (click on link / embedded further below).
  • We will then contact families when devices are ready for collection – we anticipate this to be from Monday onwards.

Community safety measures

For the immediate time we are restricting access to the school grounds in an effort to strengthen the safety for everyone.

We ask families and students to adhere to the following expectations.

Parents on School Grounds

  • We ask parents to not be on school grounds unless dropping off / collecting their child/ren from class.
  • Only one member of each family at a time please. Other family members need to remain outside of the school grounds.
  • Parents / carers are not to enter classrooms at all.
  • Please practise the 1.5m social distancing measure at all times.
  • Students are encouraged to enter / exit the school grounds independently where possible.
  • We ask all students and families to exit the school promptly at the end of the day – please do not use the playgrounds.

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • We will continue with the hygiene practices established near the end of term 1 – including regular hand washing.
  • Additional cleaning has already been instituted as per department requirements.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in all learning areas and office spaces.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information.

Please remember to complete the updated attendance survey and home technology questionnaire.

We expect the beginning of the new term to present us with new and ongoing challenges, however we are looking forward to reconnecting with students and families – in whatever form that may be.

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing community support as we continue to work through the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Best wishes to all – stay safe, take care and stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.

Kind regards, Paul, Rob and Nicky


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