Dear Families

This post is to inform you of the impending changes to our learning program for Term 2 and to seek information regarding your child’s / children’s attendance for next term. Every department school has been asked to undertake a similar survey with their communities.

As advised by the Minister for Education and following public health advice, all schools will remain open in Week 11, Monday 6th to Thursday 9th April:

  • School holidays commence for students.
  • During this week, staff will be on-site to set up learning programs for next term.
  • Current OSHC services will remain open. Please visit here for details.

During Term 2, children will either be Learning at Home or Learning at School, depending on individual family circumstances. OSHC services will remain open.

There are some details that the department requires us to collect in order to manage the organisation of schooling and learning for Term 2, where some students will be learning at school (children of essential workers) and others learning at home.

We ask parents to complete a short survey (see further below) regarding their child’s / children’s attendance for Term 2 and understand that individual family circumstances may alter prior to this time. Please give your best response.

Please be assured that continuity of learning for all children, whether they be at school or home, and the well-being of our children and staff will be our highest priority.

Term 2 Learning Program

From Term 2, all students will be able to access a flexible learning program as designed by year level teachers – containing a schedule of learning activities with relevant information for families. This will be delivered via online learning platforms.

Regardless of whether students will be ‘learning at home’ or ‘learning at school’, the same mode of learning will be in place to support the continuity of teaching and learning. 

Prior to the start of next term, we will be finalising our communication structures and online learning platforms, including the broader use of Seesaw. Student and family access to an internet enabled device will be essential. We will be working closely with families if access is problematic. 

We would like to stress that many learning tasks will not need to be completed online.

To assist is with our planning we have prepared a home technology questionnaire (see further below) to determine access to technology resources eg devices, internet. 

At this stage we are working to organise the provision of a limited number of school iPads to those students who do not have access to a device at home.

We have no doubt that there will be some fine tuning needed to learning programs following our initial experiences. It will also be necessary to allow some transition time for the first week or two of the new term, in order for students, teachers and parents to become familiar and adjust to this new way of operating.

School Service Officers who are currently working with students on One Plans and / or intervention programs will continue provide support for their learning. Further details to be provided.

Learning at School (children of essential workers)

Please note the following arrangements as per departmental advice:

  • Students attending school will be following the same mode of learning as students learning at home.
  • Upon arrival, students will go to their designated room (or OSHC where relevant) at the start of the day and leave the school grounds promptly at the end of the day.
  • Teachers will be supervising students to access their learning program – though it may not always be their current class teacher/s. This will of course look different according to age / year levels.
  • We are unsure if the canteen will remain open.

The Learning at School program will operate as per public health advice and guidelines. This includes, for example, social distancing requirements and health and hygiene requirements.

Learning at Home

Please note the following arrangements as per departmental advice:

  • Students learning at home will be following the same mode of learning as students at school.
  • Parents will be encouraged to support their child’s learning at home, as per the learning program set by the class teacher.
  • Further information will be provided to families about how to support this new home-based learning structure. Details of resources will also be provided. Delivery and collection of hard copy materials will be supported if and when required.
  • The Department for Education has also produced resources to support continued learning between school and home called “Our Learning SA”.  The site provides learning materials and activities across all learning areas in the Early Years Framework and the Australian Curriculum. There are materials that are appropriate for families as well as resources that are more targeted towards teachers. These can be accessed at:

New Attendance Procedures

Please note the following arrangements as per departmental advice:

  • Each day there will be a check in procedure, yet to be determined, where students will acknowledge that they are online and/or attending to the learning program if at home or school.
  • This will then provide the class teacher with information to complete the attendance record for the Department for Education.

Parent Survey re Term 2 Learning Options and Home Technology Questionnaire

Beginning in Term 2, the Minister for Education has advised that children will be either learning at home or learning at school, depending on individual family circumstances.  

To support out planning, we ask families to complete the following survey and questionnaire by 9.00am Monday 6th April.

Survey Link – Term 2 Learning Program Survey and Home Technology Questionnaire

Or – as embedded below.

Please contact the school office by email [email protected] or phone 8270 4144

We recognise that families may make ongoing decisions that will change over time, however the predicted enrolment information will help us prepare for the Term 2 Learning Program over our upcoming pupil free days.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Kind regards, Paul



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