A short video for 4 to 11 year old children about managing challenges – thanks to Kirrilie Smout from Developing Minds for sharing

If you have a 4 to 11 year old child, this 5 minute video might be useful to help them learn:

What the coronavirus is and how it spreads
What they can do to help
What the world is doing to manage the problem
How they can manage their worries about it

It is a relatively positive video – and provides an optimistic way of looking at the current crisis, and so will be suitable for most children.  However, please watch it first before showing it to your child, so you can ensure it is right for them and their well-being right now.

There is also a discussion guide and activity sheet for them under the video link.

Please feel free to forward the link to this video to anyone you think might benefit.  It is copyright free and able to be used by any organisations/people etc.


Very best wishes


PS, making and watching this video helped me manage my anxiety this week.  Perhaps we all need some “child friendly” information about Covid-19 right now regardless of our age!



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