Dear Families

We continue to update you further in relation to the COVID-19 situation.


  • We appreciate the feedback we have received from families as to how staff and the school are managing the current situation. Thank you .
  • Thank you to those who have subscribed to our news blog and / or provided the school with up-to-date contact details.
  • If needed, please revisit update #7 for actions taken to date.

Social Distancing – 1.5m

  • We have been required to reduce support personnel and visitors to the school.
  • Future group tours are suspended into the foreseeable future.
  • We would like to encourage you to practise the 1.5m social distancing measure when dropping off and / or collecting your child / children from school.
  • Teachers are doing their best to practise and promote this action.

Personal Hygiene / Cleaning

  • Tight procedures are in place for hand washing.
  • Toilets are being checked regularly to ensure soap dispensers have an adequate supply of soap.
  • A fresh supply of paper towels have been distributed to classrooms for hand wiping (after washing).
  • Additional daily cleaning is being undertaken across the school.

Student-led Conferences

  • As stated in the recent update, these have been postponed.
  • Any online bookings have now been cancelled.

Student Absences

  • We continue to ask parents and caregivers to keep children home if they are unwell.
  • If students present unwell during school hours, parents / caregivers or emergency contacts will be called to collect them.
  • All students who are unwell with fever and/or respiratory infection should remain at home until symptoms resolve.
  • Students returning from overseas must self-isolate for 14 days.


  • Please inform the school via email or phone if you have chosen to keep your child / children at home without them having any symptoms of illness.
  • Currently, teachers are not in the position to provide students with ‘learning / work at home packs’. This may change in the future.
  • Please note, teachers have not instructed students to remain home.

Continuity of Student Learning

  • We are considering remote learning options and what this might look like.
  • This may involve students taking home key materials and resources in the event if learning needs to occur away from school.

Staff Absences

  • Throughout the week there has been a number of teachers who have been unwell and been required to stay home.
  • Relieving teachers have been employed to cover these absences.

School Finances

  • We are extending the payment of school fees from the end of this term until the end term 3.
  • For all existing payments other than school fees (eg swimming, sports), we are going to credit payments made to this point to your school account.
  • Credits can be applied to any outstanding fees. By the end of term, financial statements will be issued.
  • For any families experiencing financial hardship, please contact me (Principal) at school on 8270 4144 or email [email protected]


  • Staff are doing their best to maintain routine learning practices.
  • I congratulate and thank them for all of the front line work they are doing to support our students and families.
  • I am also proud of the way in which students are conducting themselves in these times of uncertainty. I have no doubt that many, if not all of them are experiencing some anxious moments. As always, we will continue to monitor and support their (and staff) wellbeing.
  • A good resource below from the Australian Psychological Society re Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Regards, Paul

Paul Luke – Principal


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