Dear Families

The COVID-19 situation continues to impact on every aspect of our daily lives. Our thoughts are especially with those of you who are being most challenged by COVID-19, whether it be work or family related. Please be in touch if need be, as we are here to help

From a school level, a big ‘thank you’ to all for your ongoing support and understanding. Our staff have greatly appreciated and valued your kind words of encouragement. Behind the scenes, our entire team of teachers, leaders and support staff are working tirelessly to provide a positive schooling / learning experience as we wind down for the term. Staff too, are feeling the pinch in what lies ahead.

Whilst we navigate our way through these uncharted waters, please be assured that the health, safety and wellbeing of children, staff and families are our priorities.

We are gradually being informed by the department of changes to school and learning programs for Term 2. With so much information circulating we will endeavour to summarise the key messages in this week’s wrap and will continue to keep you informed of anything important that specifically impacts our school community and plans for Term 2. So please stay tuned for more information.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Regards, Paul, Rob and Nicky.

Key Information


Let’s recap where school is at for the remainder of Term 1.

As advised by the Minister for Education and following public health advice, all schools will remain open:

  • In Week 10, it is assumed that all children will be attending school where parents prefer/are unable to supervise Learning at Home.
  • In Week 11, staff will use Pupil Free Days to set up Learning at Home and Learning on Site (School) programs ready for next term.

Subsequently children will be either Learning at Home or Learning on Site (School) depending on circumstances.

Current OSHC services will remain open. Please visit here for details.

Learning at Home – Term 1

Thank you to parents / caregivers who have informed us of their family’s circumstances for this term. 

  • For those who have chosen the Learning at Home option, in the form of a Home Learning Pack – we remind you that this option is a supplementary program and not a school-based replacement. The packs are quite generic across different year levels with a suggested daily schedule. Please check in with your child’s teacher via Seesaw / email as needed.
  • We trust students and families are doing their best to manage home learning in these trying times.
  • The Learning at Home option will look quite different in Term 2.

Learning on Site (School) – Term 1

  • For those students still attending school for this coming week – due to the high number of student absences, regular learning programs will be modified. 
  • Term 1 dismissal is on Friday at the normal school dismissal time of 3.10pm.

Happy Holidays

  • Whether at home or at school this week, we wish all families the very best in remaining safe and healthy at home over the upcoming holiday period.

Learning at Home – Term 2

  • We will start to share some important information around Learning at Home – and what this will look like for families choosing this option.
  • This will involve asking families to complete a short survey to determine online learning access and capabilities as well other practical home learning arrangements. We expect the survey to be available early this week.
  • Online access will be important, however, learning tasks will not require students to be tethered to a screen all day.
  • Stay tuned for more information.

Learning on Site (School) – Term 2

  • We will also start to share important information around Learning on Site (School) – and what this will look like for families using this option.
  • It is important to note that Learning on Site (School) will mirror the Learning at Home experience. 
  • Students will have access to school devices to support their learning.
  • Once again, this will be unpacked and planned over the next two weeks.

Thanks again for taking time to read through this week’s wrap. More information to share soon.


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