It’s hard to believe we are nearing the midpoint of the school term. Like everyone in the wider community we are continuing to adapt and adjust to the ongoing COVID-19 situation that is likely to be with us for some time.

Mid-last week we received updated advice from SA Health specific to school settings. We have summarised this advice below and will continue to keep you updated as needed.

Student Attendance

  • Around 90% of our students are at school across the state.
  • While the Department has been supporting parent choice during this pandemic, it is expected that all public school students who are well and not considered vulnerable to COVID-19 to attend school.
  • Students are required to attend school unless they:
    • Are feeling unwell.
    • Have a chronic medical condition or compromised immune system and are not able to attend school on advice from their medical practitioner.
    • Live in a household with others that are deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 and are not able to attend school on advice of their medical practitioner.
    • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been required to self-isolate by SA Health.
  • We continue to provide support for students not able to attend school on advice from their medical practitioner. Please contact us if this is the case for your child/ren.

Camps and Excursions

  • SA Health have advised that all school camps and excursions should continue to be deferred for now, because of the unnecessary risk due to the transport and logistics involved, including the need for extra supervisors/parent involvement and sharing of equipment.
  • Given this advice along with the amount of planning, costs involved and effort that goes into organising schools camps, the Year 7 Canberra Camp and Year 3/4 camp (late July) have been cancelled.
  • Unfortunately, the Canberra Camp cannot be rescheduled for later in the school year due to the unavailability of accommodation / excursions bookings.

Physical distancing at school drop off and pick up

  • Please remember when entering school grounds to social distance at all times.
  • Parents / carers are reminded to maintain the 1.5m physical distance between themselves and other adults (parents and teachers) at all times, including school drop off and pick up. Thank you.
  • Parents / carers are reminded to still not enter classrooms.

Site Access

  • The advice given to schools is that essential services staff can access the school – this includes:
    • priority and essential services that are vital to the health, wellbeing and learning outcomes of our students.
    • services expressly requested by the principal and/or education director.
    • facilities management and building works.


  • SA Health has advised that volunteering (e.g. parent reading groups, canteen helpers etc) and non-essential services should continue to be postponed.
  • Second-Hand Uniform Shop – Due to the fact that we are still unable to have volunteers onsite – please direct any enquiries re the second-hand uniform shop through the front office. We will endeavour to help out where we can.

School Sports

  • The Department has indicated that there may have been some confusion about the restrictions outlined for school sports vs PE.
  • PE (involves 1 class of 1 school and is part of the curriculum) and therefore the restrictions of 10 people doesn’t apply and can continue as usual.
  • We will keep everyone informed when we know more re a return to after-hours school sport.

SMS – Unexplained Absences

  • To expedite our procedures for managing student attendance, we are communicating via SMS for unexplained absences. 
  • The SMS is sent to the first contact (parent / guardian 1) on our student database.

Children Unwell at School – Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

  • We have now been issued with a non-contact infrared thermometers (NCIT) to be used as part of the assessment when a child appears unwell at school.
  • We have been advised that parent or guardian consent is not be needed to take a child’s temperature using a non-contact thermometer where they appear unwell.
  • Specific procedures are in place including one of the sick rooms being set up as a designated area in which to isolate children showing signs of illness.

Traffic on Murrays Hill Rd 

  • A friendly reminder to all parents, carers and friends who pick children up from school in the afternoon via the drop off zone to be mindful of the traffic controls in place on Murrays Hill Rd by the school crossing.
  • To ease the build up of traffic around afternoon dismissal, please consider arriving at school a few minutes later when the flow of traffic is reduced and / or find a safe place to park.
  • Please note – Police and council parking rangers visit the school from time to time.

Staff Car Park

  • We ask that parents and cares to not use the staff car park after 7.30am in the morning nor before 4.30pm in the afternoons.
  • If dropping off / collecting students to and from OSHC – please park in the school drop-off zone. Thank you.

Food Allergy Week

  • The last week in May marks Food Allergy across Australia. At Craigburn we have many students, staff and parents who have food allergies – where certain foods can trigger significant physiological reactions requiring urgent medical attention.
  • Please find time to check in with this site to learn more.

Student Free Day

  • As posted last week – our next student free day is scheduled for Tuesday 9 June.
  • Staff in our local partnership of schools will be working on the Department’s Learning Design, Assessment and Moderation strategy.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Regards, Paul, Rob and Nicky


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