Dear students and parents / caregivers,

While it was disappointing that we were unable to welcome you all to the school in March for our annual Showcase, we would like to remind you that it is not too late to apply to be a part of our two Special Interest Programs for 2021: Volleyball Special Interest and Entrepreneurial Specialist Learning Programs.

Full details about each of the programs can be found on our website

Volleyball Special Interest Program –

Entrepreneurial Specialist Learning Program –

Most excitingly, interested students can apply for either one of, or both Special Interest Programs, confident in the knowledge that the mindsets and dispositions developed across each program are complimentary and will further support their development. Special interest applications are due on May 1, end of Week 1, Term 2

For further information or queries about either program, please contact the school via email [email protected]

Kind Regards

Heathfield High School


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